The Mad Housers

Construction - 6x8 Hut - Hi Hat Gables


  • Drill/driver
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Chalk Line
  • Carpenter's square


  • 1 41.5" 2x4 stud
  • 1 96" stud
  • 1 62" stud or ~62 inches of scrap stud
  • 1 72"x48" piece of 3/8" plywood
  • 1.5" screws


  • Angle cuts


The hi-hat gables are the most unusual panels in the entire Mad Housers inventory. They're not square, or even triangular. The studs are not attached to each other; instead, they're mounted flat directly to the plywood and attached using screws. Furthermore, there is an intentional gap at the top of the panel where the roof panel's 'lock stud' slides into place during installation. For all its strangeness, however, the gables are actually simple to construct, as long as you're comfortable making diagonal cuts with a circular saw.

Cutting the plywood

Cut the studs

Manufacture the panels

It's very important that the studs are screwed to the plywood instead of nailed on - otherwise, the stud will simply pop off of the panel the first time the panel is flexed.

This is most easily done by laying the plywood on the floor and tucking the stud underneath it.  


It's very important to remember that the two gables are mirror images of each other! Don't make 'two left feet'. It's easiest to simply make both gables at the same time, laid out on the ground in mirror images of each other, to prevent mistakes.