The Mad Housers

Construction - 6x8 Hut - Narrow Wall Panel


  • Hammers
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Chalk Line
  • Cat's Paw


  • 4 91.5" 2x4 studs
  • 2 65" 2x4 studs
  • 1 full sheet 3/8" plywood, 96"x48"
  • 1 half sheet 3/8" plywood, 96"x24"
  • 16d nails
  • 6d nails


  • Basic framing
  • Internal squaring
  • Toe nailing


The plywood on this panel extends 3 1/2" on each side past the stud frame, to cover the side stud of the side panels.  You can confirm the squareness of your panel by sliding a scrap of 2x4 along the sides, under the overhangs. A crooked panel will have a different width of overhang from the top to the bottom.

You may want to use toe nailing on the internal plywood seam to get better grip of the shared stud. Remember to match the factory-cut sides on the internal seam, to ensure a nice tight join.