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Unexpected blessings


As you may imagine, we receive some pretty offbeat communications at times. Folks call and write with all sorts of questions, suggestions, and offers, not all of them practical. But it's really unusual when a group calls us to offer to donate a hut that they've already built.
But that's exactly what happened when Mark Daniel emailed us from Cross Pointe Church in Duluth. His youth group found out about us, downloaded the blueprints from our website, decided 'we can do this', and put together as pretty of a hut as I've ever seen. what's more, they came down a few weeks back and assembled it out in the field.
They even had a small design improvement that I instantly fell in love with.

Specifically, they improved the loft ladder.
The picture to the left shows how we typically put together the ladder leading up to the loft. The ladder rungs are attached to two walls - the side wall and the front wall door entrance. In order to keep the ladder rungs flush to the surfaces they're attached to, we have to add another piece of stud the height of the ladder to the nearest side wall vertical.

newLadder.pngNow, this is the improved ladder. The rungs are built directly into the side wall itself; cleverly, the lower rungs are oriented horizontally to provide steps, while the upper rungs are oriented vertically to provide grips. Sweet!
Now you may be saying to yourself that this just shows how dumb we are in the Housers. And that may be true! But it's surprisingly difficult to see the obvious - and we're not too proud to say that our designs cannot be improved upon.  Good work, Cross Pointe!

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