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Bill, con't

From Frank Jeffers:

billCallison.jpgNot many of today's crop of Madhousers remember Bill Callison. He was one of our stalwarts early on. He lived a number of years at Stewart and managed the gencar. He also was along on the somewhat mad expedition to build the 10 x 10 hut at Union Agricultural Institute in North Georgia.

He utilized the increased capabilities of the 8x8 he lived in, and the capabilities of the gencar , to maintain a normal enough lifestyle he could stay employed in responsible jobs. Recently he managed an apartment house he lived in. A few days ago, attempting to intercede in what likely would only have been a $100 stick-up in the apartment building, he was shot and died soon afterward.

The first time I saw Bill was at Stewart Avenue, when he came hiking out of the woods, an immense pack on his back. That must have been 1993 or 1994, and so I knew him 16 years. He certainly will be sorely missed by everybody who knew him.

We thought we'd put together take up a collection to help Bill's spouse. If you can spare it, please consider donating.

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