The Mad Housers

Big thanks to "Do Good Experience" group!

We had a great double-header build last Saturday.  In the morning a group of volunteers came by the warehouse to build the panels for a low rider, and then a few families from the Do Good Experience Conference joined us after lunch to deploy the panels in the field.  We had more than one logistical challenge, but at the end of the day the build was a great success, and one more homeless person is sheltered.

Many thanks to everyone that participated!  It was hot, the air quality was lousy, and we had some serious clambering to do in order to get the panels to the site, but everyone helped out very enthusiastically and without complaint.  The Do Good Experience kids all tried a few new construction tasks, and it seemed like they learned a lot.

We hope to see all of Saturday's participants at some future builds.  Many thanks for your participation, and we really enjoyed working with you!

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