The Mad Housers


What We Said:

Required reading - there will be a test!

What Others Said:

Mark Pendergrast interviewed Mad Housers for his Atlanta biopic "City on the Verge".

Gregory McKelvey of Living Room ATL interviewed Mad Housers for their podcast.

An article by Doug Deloach in Creative Loafing about Mad Housers' expansion into connecting clients with health and human services.

Gordon Douglas interviewed Mad Housers for his book on urban achitecture "The Help-Yourself City: Legitimacy and Inequality in DIY Urbanism".

Mad Housers was a feature charity for Spiller Park Coffee's annual fundraiser.

An article by Bo Emerson in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's 'Faith and Values' section painted a sympathetic portrait, and generated a lot of interest.

"Science in Your Life" is a science feature produced by local public radio station WABE in conjunction with Emory. Ted Vigodsky did a radio article about us.  (Link to audio file.)

Summit Spotlight at West Side Future Fund.

Article by Allison Bailes.

Article at Tiny House Design.